Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a business is a big decision, we know you will have some questions.  Here are the main ones.

Who owns The Small Business Box?

The Small Business Box has had many names and been operated by Chris Gill since 2018.  Since running his own business since the age of 15, he has seen that Small Business owners need help.  There are so many people out there that claim to help businesses but quote high prices and in many cases leave them more confused.  Over the years Chris has been working with Small to Medium businesses and through growth over the pandemic realised that there is an opportunity to help others do what he has done and the ability to help more businesses.  

Where is The Small Business Box?

The Small Business Box is based in Hurst, just outside of Reading in England.  

Where do you operate?

Our services are used by Businesses in the UK, USA, Canada and some countries across Europe.  Due to the nature of our business we are able to help businesses anywhere across the world.

How viable is a Franchise with The Small Business Box?

There are around 6 million businesses are registered in the UK, 20 million in the USA, 1.2 million in Canada, around 400 million in the World.  This is only growing year on year so there is a market for people to help.

With the global pandemic companies need help more than ever and people are realising the importance of a better work/life balance.  Our franchise works in both ways.

What are the fees?

The cost of a franchise for a 3 year period is £2,995 +VAT, with no renewal fees thereafter.  This is for an exclusive location.  

There are ongoing monthly percentage of turnover payable, this is 10%.  The fees are broken down as 2% for marketing and 8% for royalties and licencing.

An additional fee is required for partnerships to cover the additional costs for both partners.

What costs are included in running a franchise?

That is the great thing with our business.  You can run from home meaning costs are low.  The main ongoing costs include any subscriptions or software you might need.  Running a franchise with us can be very profitable.

How much can I earn?

Although we cannot guarantee any level of earnings, typically turnover would range between £35,000 to £120,000 per year or around £3,000 to £10,000 per month. These figures can and will vary depending on your overall input and drive.

Can I add services to my Franchise?

Of course, if you have specific skills that can help SMEs we can include this.  In some cases we could add to the main offer and feed jobs to you through referrals.

How do you choose people to work with?

Our aim is to find individuals or partnerships willing to create a successful business.  You need to ensure that you can offer our services to the best standard.  Not all that apply will be accepted as we need to ensure the best fit for our customers.

Do I need to live within my business location?

In most cases yes, you need to live nearby at the very least.  Most of what we do can be dealt with online but in some cases you need to visit customers and network locally to generate additional business.

Is my location available?

Once you contact us we can check availablity for you and discuss options to suit.

Is there any funding available?

There are funding options available for franchisees to cover fees and costs.  You will need to speak to your bank to see if you are eligible.  

The Small Business Box has organised a funding option through one of our Partners, if you are interested please let us know.

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