Our Business

The Small Business Box is a value-driven Digital Marketing agency first but our business is much more, these are subsidiaries of ours.

We want to help

The Small Business Box exists to help individuals and businesses thrive and grow.  Our business has different subsidiaries that form part of our group; these are those businesses.

An online business search platform allowing businesses to showcase their business, products and services.

A monthly subscription membership for business owners to gain access to resources, courses, information and more.

The Business Boss podcast is a show where we speak to different business owners and hear their stories, successes and failures.

Being a business owner should be fun and rewarding.  We have a collection of products/clothing to showcase you.

Online store to access digital products, information and more related to business.

Online Furniture website.  We supply high-end interior and exterior furniture, as well as associated accessories, for your home and business.

Online clothing street wear brand.  We supply different forms of clothing for children and adults to feel great.

Children’s education and entertainment brand of 12 cartoon pup’s each with individual personalities and character traits.

The P-Pup nation is a world of NFTs based around the characters of the Personality Pups.

Popular Kings and Queens of Africa NFT brand.  Buy and trade some of the Kings and Queens from African History.

Our other businesses

We are small business owners and love running different businesses, these are some of the ones we operate, have a stake in or partly own separate from our core business.